Why Buy Wholesale Chicken Wings By the Case?

When you’ve got to feed a crowd, you need wholesale meat. And some of the best recipes you can find. There’s all kinds of special occasions where you might need to buy wholesale chicken wings by the case, although you may have to stop and plan accordingly.

Always buy wholesale meat in bulk when catering

If you’ve got an event, and you know you’ll be feeding a large group, don’t spend more than you have to for meat. As anybody who shops for meat regularly knows, the price adds up quickly. It can easily become the most expensive part of any meal.

Chicken is a price-friendly meat, and different cuts can fit well into any budget. Chicken wings tend to be less expensive than breasts, and they provide a rich, bold flavor that pairs well with all types of recipes. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly meat, wholesale chicken wings by the case might be a great way to go.


Having extra

One of the advantages of buying wholesale by the case is that you might have the ability to make your budget stretch, which can give you some wiggle room for error, mishaps, or to cover unexpected guests. Having more is always better – especially when it comes to food. Would you rather be at a catered event where they had too little food, or too much left over? Having too little food to feed your guests is simply an embarrassment.

Buying wholesale chicken wings in bulk makes it unlikely that will happen.

Wide palate and versatility

What’s the flavor of your event? Do you need something spicy? A soup or stew? Something fun and finger-friendly? Something a bit classier that takes a certain level of skill? Chicken wings can be the solution, no matter what the mood of your event.

Have you ever tried dressing chicken wings up? Have them roasted or grilled with the types of herbs and seasoning blends typically reversed for fish? Or how about boiled and mixed into a chutney? There’s a ton of ways to enjoy chicken – you already know that – so when it comes to chicken wings, think outside of serving them fried, with Buffalo sauce and bleu cheese. There’s a whole world of flavor to be found in the chicken wing.

Feeding Kids

Do you have to feed kids on a regular basis? Like, a big group of kids? Daycare operators, schools, after-school programs, summer camps – all these places have discovered the value of buying wholesale chicken wings by the case. Not only is chicken versatile, but it’s something that you can serve multiple days in a row, in different methods, and you’re diners will be less likely to notice. You also know you’re providing the children with healthy levels of protein, helping them meet their nutrition requirements.

Get the Best Wholesale Chicken Wings By the Case

When you know you’ll be ordering hundreds of pounds of chicken wings at a time, there’s no reason to cut corners. Make sure that you’re working with the best butcher, who uses the highest quality standards for their meat. Of course, you could buy it at a bulk goods distributor, but you run the risks associated with getting older meat, that may have been poorly stored or improperly shipped, from animals raised in a manner you might not be sure of.

Knowing the Butcher Can Get You Insider Perks

When you get to know your local butcher, it might just start with one item. Like chicken wings. But don’t hesitate to ask them about other meats, cheese, spices, and even dairy products like milk and eggs. You may be able to enter the network of local farmers and find out when the best deals are coming, how to be first in line for the top selections of every delivery.


When you work with a local butcher for your wholesale wings, you get a peace of mind you don’t get from a big-box distributor. You can find out where your meat comes from, what the specific steps are that brought it from the farm to you. You get a hand you can shake and a person you can go back to the next time you need wholesale chicken wings by the case.